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Learning about hybrid products through investigative prototyping.
This work is from my research project (spring 2013), learning about technology and design, and studying the role pf physicality in hybrid products. The project takes part of my master studies in Industrial design, NTNU, Norway. (More background and info on the project to be supplied in a couple of weeks)

The above scenario, together with two working prototypes, and a set of other scenarios was brought into conversations with people and experts. The prototypes acted as a foundation for discussions and reflections on the relation between people, technology and design. Here's a short from some of these meetings.

Special thanks to NICE, Alex Booker, Simone Mora, Eirik Fon and Ole Petter Wullum for taking their time to speak with me.

The building process is important. Building is more than aiming for the result. Building things involves reflection and intuitive understanding of the physical world, and help us thing more abstact/broader. As a student, I learn more tools, and build up a broader and more intuitive understanding of the technology I'm using.

In addition to the main scenario I made som accessories that could expand the functionality of the prototypes.

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Approach and theme inspired by BERG, Voy, Touch project et al. Check out their beautiful work!